Tim (littlebluedog) wrote,


  • 13:29 The marriage license application allows the groom to change his surname, too. I've narrowed it down to either "Vader" or "Awesome."

  • 14:11 A lot of runners I see look like they're being severely tortured, so I try to maintain a serene expression when I run. Wonder if I succeed.

  • 18:32 RT @thesulk Hey, AT&T. Less money on bolts of orange fabric, more on your weak-ass signal.

  • don't trvst anyone

    Met a guy today with a Peace dollar to sell. Usually I don't arrange meetings for just one coin, but this one was a date I've been looking for…

  • wish i could slow it

  • adventures in craigslisting

    I've returned to coin collecting after a hiatus of several years. One way I find coins is by perusing local CL ads. For some reason the weird factor…

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