Tim (littlebluedog) wrote,


  • 11:48 Wine tasting today! Currently at Erath. We're actually the only people here right now.

  • 15:50 I like the self-serve wine drums at Anne Amie. twitpic.com/1s9ltg

  • 18:49 Ha! A childhood friend of mine spotted us at a winery today, by recognizing Nic (who she's never met) from pics on my Facebook acct.

  • From Twitter 09-04-2009

    08:29:14: First time riding Yellow Line since new route thru downtown opened up, nearly missed my stop ... which is about 60 steps from office.…

  • weekendish

    I took Friday off, and Nic and I drove to the coast to join one my sisters, her husband and daughters, and my folks, for a weekend at a beach house…

  • winery weekend

    Weekend before last, Nic and I spent Saturday visiting the Erath and Sokol Blosser wineries with friends, and Sunday visiting the Willamette Valley…

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