Tim (littlebluedog) wrote,


  • 12:00 Nic, to me: "If I get mail that looks like a bill, just pretend we're already married and take care of it."
  • 17:22 Hm. Following Apple's instructions to install iOS 4 results in my Mac telling me it's running the newest version of iTunes. (I know this.)

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    Reasons I SO WISH THAT Selected Relationships Have Failed, in Autobiographical Order, From Fifth Grade to Present: She got fired from the grade…

  • LJ social meme

    When drjeff says MEME, I say HOW HIGH? The LJ Social Meme (aka the "Let's Take a Look at my User Info" meme)! Number of journal…

  • gleaming the cube

    At one point last night, when several of us were sitting at the table, Chris suggested a game. The game was, roughly, as follows: Each of us had…

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