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hundred-day update

This blog's been gathering dust lately with the migration of a lot of my online presence to twitter and FB, but hopefully that'll change. I miss journaling.

With that in mind, here's a brief outline of events of the past few months:
  • I got laid off.

    In early June, after a seven-year tenure, I was an unfortunate victim of my (former) firm's third round of recession layoffs in 16 months. All in all, I'm considering that this was a Good Thing. Not that I hated anyone there or that it was a miserable place to be (quite the opposite, on both counts), but from a sense of professional growth. I needed a kick in the butt and the Universe saw that I received one.

  • Nic and I got married.

    In late June, after a blissful courtship and an even more blissful engagement, we tied the knot on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, with over a hundred friends and family in attendance. Our awesome, wonderful friend abrichar capably officiated.

    Continuum Photography (aka theamazingjosh and his wife Melissa) took many, many pics. I posted four galleries' worth on Facebook, which you've seen if you're FB friends with me (and if you're not, you should be), but here are the public links:

    Part 1: Getting Ready.
    Part 2: Us and the Wedding Party.
    Part 3: The Ceremony.
    Part 4: The Reception.

  • We honeymooned in Playa del Carmen.

    It was hot, humid, and beautiful. We stayed here. What can I say? White sandy beach, beautiful pools, awesome resort, uber-friendly staff, all the free booze and food you wanted. Our main complaint was the weather, believe it or not. It rained mostly every day, but the showers were generally quick and intense interruptions to otherwise sunny weather. Although it did rain the entire day on our excursion to Chichen Itza.

  • I started my own business.

    Not quite the same as starting a law firm, but I am the owner and sole practitioner of Whalen Intellectual Property Law (here's the website, although it's currently just a placeholder until I go live with the custom site). One of my first business expenses was a trip to IKEA, the result of which was a day or so of constructing desks and file cabinets, etc., for our new office at home, which is where I spend most of my time lately.

    My intent with WIPL was to have an independent contractor business entity through which I could offer IP services to clients in the same way I did before, and also offer contract services to law firms and other attorneys.

  • I joined a law firm as of-counsel.

    Dave, my good friend and former colleague and mentor at my prior firm, departed on his own a couple years ago to start his own intellectual property firm (DASCENZO Intellectual Property Law, PC). I joined Dave's firm as an of-counsel attorney in late August. At around this time, and to my extreme delight and humble appreciation, several of the clients I assisted at my prior firm decided to have me continue assisting them, so I'm now providing services to these clients (and any others I develop) through Dave's firm.

    Presently, this doesn't take up my full-time efforts, so I'm continuing to look for additional work, either (via WIPL) doing contract projects for IP firms/attorneys, or by developing additional clients. In terms of the former, this will be the main focus for the custom website, although it'll also have information for prospective clients.
So, that is pretty much that. Building up business is taking up a lot of my time, but it's a welcome challenge.
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