Tim (littlebluedog) wrote,


No year-in-review ... I don't have the energy to give a synopsis more substantial than just a bare list of events, all of which I'd want to express in more detail. Hopefully I will soon--one of my goals for 2011. Suffice to say there were many good, and many bad, but you can't define a year in your life based on that. It's what you learn and how you grow, what you've accomplished and how you deal with what's happened to you. I've read and heard so many reflections on 2010 so far that are so absolutist this way or the other that it's clear not many people see it this way.

Enough of that, I sound preachy.

I've lots of plans and hopes for this year, in many avenues, but the common thread is self-discipline, and maintaining it in a variety of contexts and circumstances. I'm looking forward to seeing how I do, and sharing more of it here.

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