Tim (littlebluedog) wrote,

weekend, I Am Number Four

Very silly. I'm not sure what I expected; I persuaded my friend Dave to see it with me today based on the trailer alone, which I saw some weeks ago. That the trailer for Disney's upcoming movie "Prom" was among those previewed before this movie began should maybe have clued us in that the intended audience is a couple decades younger than us. Not that I can't enjoy a good kid's movie, but this was tired and formulaic.

Friday night was Screen Door with friends, then dessert at Country Cat on our own. Saturday was me getting the house ready for poker night ... I hosted for the first time, thought it went really well. Nic was super excited about helping me out, and made brownies and other treats for us before heading out for some fun with her own crew. Both of us ... um, overindulged, I think, so today's been pretty mellow. It was quite a challenge getting up at 7 this morning to taxi my sis and bro-in-law to the airport, and I've been dragging my feet ever since.

Currently thinking about a really late-afternoon nap and how I should have hit the gym today, and feeling a bit guilty for skipping two days in a row, which is silly considering I've been going an average of 6 times a week for the past 8 weeks.

Golfing tomorrow morning with a buddy. Does that count as exercise? No?
Tags: friends, movies

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