Tim (littlebluedog) wrote,

unknown and sucker punch

Saw these this weekend ...

Unknown was not thrilling. Really it was like watching Bourne Identity set in a different city, with a large, gruff man in the lead role. This is the second recent Liam Neeson film I've seen in which he plays a secret agent / action hero (the other one was Taken), and I can't buy it. He can't (or doesn't) play clever, and he lumbers too much. Plus the plot was ... really, really derivative, and not in a fresh way.

Sucker Punch was semi-thrilling. theamazingjosh and I saw it, and he summed it up by saying he liked a third of the movie--that third being the fantasy combat sequences. Agreed. The absurdly slow-moving storyline / plot struck me as an afterthought, a way to string together these several otherwise unrelated sections. The soundtrack was sometimes very distracting. I thoroughly enjoyed the nonsensical and gratuitous mishmash of pop-media themes (dragons! samurai! 60s-chic! steampunk! robots! Nazis! steampunk robot Nazis!) and the heavily processed film style, and, like, all the cool fighting and explosions and stuff, but one thing that confused me was the chicks. All chicks, all gorgeous, all scantily clad, and generally being total badasses, but were they supposed to be sexy? Because they were not sexy.
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