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adventures in craigslisting

I've returned to coin collecting after a hiatus of several years. One way I find coins is by perusing local CL ads. For some reason the weird factor I encounter, either communicating with CL sellers, or meeting/transacting with them, or both, is higher than other purchase routes (coin shops, eBay, etc.). I thought I'd start writing down some of the sillier experiences.

Last week I replied to an ad listing about a dozen silver coins, and via email negotiated the seller down to a price range depending on actual condition. Setting up a location and time to meet, he suggested

"We can meet in the Fred Meyer parking lot in tualatin in the very back on the side with the cans and bottles I will just be standing there outside my car I will be in the very back."

OK, I tend to give the benefit of the doubt to people I don't know, but if your idea of a good place to meet a total stranger for a legit transaction is the very back of a grocery store parking lot, next to the dumpsters and with your getaway vehicle close by, I think I'll pass.

However, the "just standing there outside my car" did make me think of

Called it off, and lived to collect another day.
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