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- finalized curriculum for bi-weekly instructional sessions at work for the summer.
- inadvertently told one of my bosses that I've been considering taking a job at another firm.
- spent about an hour with said boss trying to calm him down.
- persuaded said boss to take me to Mattel as planned. wOOt!
- completed a few projects and booked flights for Mattel trip.
- met The Hang after work for dinner downtown. She brought me some new toys! wOOt!
- took The Hang to see Hitchhiker's Guide (I don't think she liked it).
- ran over to Voodoo Doughnut to buy sage_and_sea what will hereinafter be distastefully referred to as "The Schiavonut." Other LJ'ers in attendance were oddiophile, zind4gi, and splitpeasoup. wOOt!
- walked back to work to grab stuff for Wednesday's trip.
- got home about midnight; couldn't sleep.


- awake at 4:45, boss picked me up at 5:30.
- slept a bit on flight down.
- spent most of the day touring Mattel's design center in El Segundo, meet with inventors and designers, and seeing some WAY COOL-ASS SHIZZ! wOOt!
- slept on flight up.
- got home at 9, changed clothes and over to poker game at adam_s's.
- lost.
- got home at about 1; crashed OUT. wOOt.


- coffee; staring blankly at monitor.
- LJ entry.

The plans today include: introducing/attending the first of the aforementioned instructional sessions at lunch today, and catching a baseball game after work with The Hang and a few cow orkers. wOOt!


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