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You guys are just so cool. I'm trying to find the time to write thought-out responses to the replies to my previous post, so I apologize for the delay. If anyone hasn't replied but wants to, please do!

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Mattel's Toy Fair is on Monday, so this week has been an uphill battle trying to get provisional patent apps filed on all of the products they're making public next week. The client's inventors have their hands full trying to coordinate the production staff to get last-minute changes into the prototypes before the week ends. As such, it's difficult to get answers I need in order to do my work, and I've got a small mountain of it on my desk right now.

Including this really neat game ("Akaba") I ordered from Germany that involves little player movers in the shape of guys on flying carpets. To move them around the game board, you hold a little bellows behind them and blow air, which floats them across the surface.

Also, around here, this is the first time I've asked junior associates at the firm to do projects for me, so it's a new, additional challenge in terms of finding the correct dialogue in order to get the work product I need from someone whose analytical and writing styles/skills differ from my own. It's actually pretty exciting ... I like finding opportunities to build-in a team dynamic to a practice that's primarily individualistic. Also, I get a chance to learn from my peers by knowing a project but seeing someone else analyzes and presents it.

Even so, I'll probably be working this weekend. But c'mon, life could suck way more. At least I enjoy the stuff I'm working on.

= = =

Just reached 100 on my Netflix queue. At this point, when I receive a DVD in the mail I sometimes have absolutely no recollection of why I added it. :)

If anyone else with Netflix is interested in trying out the "Friends" feature, let me know.

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The Hang's parents were staying with her for a couple of weeks on their return from a two-year sabbatical in Australia, but they departed for home (in Washington) the other day ... so this weekend, she and I get some one-on-one time, that should be cool.

= = =

Check this!

Thanks Sam and Matt!

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The summer is in full swing here at the firm. One of the newly-hired associates started yesterday, but he'll be doing bar study for most of the summer so we won't see him that often until August or so.

As far as the rest of the clerks and summer associates go, I never thought that chairing the activity committee would be a chore, but it's becoming so. We're going to go goof around on the Lake O golf course this afternoon after work (assuming we're not rained out), and I'm actually thinking about flaking.

Bah! Back to work!

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