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state of the chien

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K ... so things have been busy lately with the house stuff, and if all goes well, this next month should be an exciting odyssey into the world of purchasing real estate.

It's all new to me, so I'm expecting to blab pretty often about it, more for a personal record than anything else ... unfortunately, I don't think it'll make very interesting reading, so I'll probably tag the house stuff as "house" for easy reference.

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So I downloaded the free version of Google Earth a couple of weeks ago ... this is truly an incredible application, and just super-fun to play with, if your system has a good graphics card and a fast net connection.

Some of the more amazing stuff so far has included following a couple highways from start to finish, checking out natural landscape features (e.g., the Grand Canyon) and artifacts (e.g. the Pyramids, the Great Wall, the Eiffel tower, the Luxor) from a couple miles up.

= = =

I had coffee with CexGF today. I hadn't seen her in probably two months or so, since I told her that I was seeing The Hang. She's been in China, and she's wrapping up the final steps of actually moving out of the state ... the latter is not because of me, certainly; in her several years of being in Portland, she's tapped the entire northwest US market in terms of circulating and making sure she's contacted all of the prospective clients up here, so she's relocating down to the Bay Area.

It was kind of strange seeing her. My firm (including me) works with her, so she wanted it to be a businesslike cuppa coffee just to check in with me to see if I had any concerns with her taking off (I don't, of course). We chatted about her move and all, but I thought I could discern a deliberate attempt on her part to distance herself from me, even in conversation. Like she was talking to me through a screen door.

= = =

I went to see an allergist the other day to put an end to this nonsense, who did the 40 or so drop-and-scratch test. I am allergic to grass pollen, and apparently Oregon has the highest concentration of the stuff in the world, but only over a three-week period (which is peaking now). I'm also allergic to cat dander and to some late fall weeds.

The dumb thing is that he wrote me a couple of prescriptions, which I've since lost. Until then, I'm sticking to sudafed ... which I haven't actually purchased in a while since I have a ton that I bought for my meth lab at home, suckaz. So that's handy.

= = =

Now that I'm starting to think more solidly about the concept, weird practical aspects of being a homeowner are coming to mind. I'll have to go out and buy stuff I've never actually owned before. Drapes. A lawnmower. Air filter screens. Bizarre.

By the way, thanks for all the well-wishing on the offer-acceptance stuff. :) Everyone will definitely be invited to a housewarming shindig.

= = =

Work has been hella busy lately. Hel-la. My new assistant started on Monday. He came from another IP firm, but since there are about a zillion ways of doing everything our staff does, he's been driving the other staff crazy by trying to assimilate how WE do things with how HE learned to do things. I'm trying to make the transition easy for everyone by making sure he knows that I'M really interested in hearing all of his suggestions, even if the other staff are starting to tire of them. I'd imagine it would be tough to know how to do something efficiently and be trained to do it differently because "that's the way we do things here." But he's definitely had some good ideas I plan on implementing in my own practice.

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OK, that's it. Pretty boring!

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