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late weekend rundown

Hoo boy.

FRIDAY - after spending the day learning about points, prime, and PITI, beansbouf randomly e-mailed me and asked if I couldn't use a coupla tickets to Chamber Music Northwest's "Celebration Bach" concert. I graciously accepted, then drove out to collect The Hang. We dined at the Baja Fresh in the Beav and then hit the concert. The program was the Brandenburg Concerti! It was really, REALLY cool. Like wow.

You know how you like a CD and then go to a concert and the band's been playing the songs on the CD so much that they're sick of them and change the live versions all around? See, classical music concerts are so cool because they're the exact opposite of that.

Thanks so much Betsy, what a treat. Dinner is on me, soon.

SATURDAY - severe allergy attack in the a.m., but we went for a run and grabbed breakfast at mi casa before meeting my realtor for a tour of the future chez moi. Somehow, all of the excitement must've completely drained us, so an afternoon nap was in order before heading down to Wilsonville to help my oldest sis and her girls unpack and move into their new apartment.

Headed back up here and drove around N. Mississippi for a bit before meeting some cow orkers at Lovely Hula Hands (I had the pan roasted chicken - they put a sweet onion marsala sauce on it that I could drink straight). We finished the night out with inebriated cosmic bowling. Gooooood times. :)

SUNDAY - allergies again, but this morning I actually found the prescription and resolved to get it filled TODAY. Went for a run around the riverfront, then caught brunch at Gravy and caught the latter half of the resident (and talented) accordionist's set. Went shopping, failed to fill my prescription, watched MATRIX RELOADED for some reason (say what you will, but it's still one of the damned coolest looking movies EVAR), and, um ... gave myself a haircut.

Spent the evening with a group of The Hang's friends, at the new home of one of them - we made chicken and veggie kabobs and barbecued for everyone. Was fun, they were decent people, but we left early to get some sleep ...

MONDAY - plan today was to drive up to Seattle to visit a longtime friend of The Hang, whose little boy was turning 2. We were going to get an early start, but we'd parked her truck in my complex's lot the night before and found it missing in the morning.

The deal is, guest parking is permitted in an overflow lot about 500' from the apartment complex. We're supposed to get a pass from the office for anyone who'll be staying, and put the pass on the car and park the car in the overflow lot. However, if the office is closed, we just need to call in and leave a message on the office voicemail. Ah, oh, and if the overflow parking is full, our guests may park in the complex's lot instead (the spaces are not reserved). Or so I thought.

So I left a detailed message on Sunday night that the overflow lot was full, that The Hang's truck was in the complex main lot, that her license plate was so and so and that her truck was a such and such, and figured we were cool.


It's really not productive to get pissed at the knuckleheads who actually DID the towing. They're told what they can and can't do, and it doesn't do them any good to try and make extra cash by towing cars they're not supposed to - after a couple complaints, the property owners just switch to a different tow company and they've lost a client. So I exercised what I thought to be admirable restraint in asking the toothless woman behind the desk in the small tow office what exactly their contract said, and learned that I'd been instructed incorrectly by the complex. Seems the main lot is verboten to guests regardless of whether the overflow lot is full. Bastids. I've got a really fun phone date scheduled tomorrow with the manager. Two hundred bucks! Sheesh!

Anyway, we got a late start out of PDX, made it to Renton alarmingly quickly, hooked up with my grandfolks and introduced them to The Hang, took them out to lunch, bade our farewells, did a record 27-minute trip to IKEA, and rushed to make the birthday party. The afternoon was relaxed and sunny with plenty of burgers and dogs on the grill. I fell asleep in the shade.

We took off for home around 6, thinking we'd have a chance at making the fireworks show downtown, passed several car accidents and a station wagon ON FIRE on the way back down, but saw from the 5 that the Waterfront was packed with people, and decided not to brave it. Instead, we took in the show from my balcony (after securing street parking for The Hang's truck; I am taking no chances), and called it a night.

Dayum. For some reason the amount of activity this weekend has left me totally exhausted. I need a three-day weekend to unwind from my three-day weekend.

Peace out.
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