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So lately I've been slowly reducing my collection of nonessential material possessions in kind of an attempt to ease the upcoming move and also to get some spare cash for some furniture after the move.

I've had an eBay account for several years now, but have never sold anything until last week. However, I've noticed that I'm getting a number of messages, purportedly from eBay, I'm assuming due to the fact that I listed my e-mail address in my auctions.

These things are sneaky!

I can tell they're fake by a few clues ... typos are a giveaway ("During our regularly schedule account maintenance ..."), as are other logistical errors (congratulating me on a 98% approval rating when my actual rating is lower), and suspicious-looking URLs when you hover the cursor over a link (showing it leads to a numerical address instead of something at eBay.com).

But everything else in these messages look legit: the format, the phrasing, the presence of eBay logos and other trade dress in the body of the message, etc.

Anyone have any clues? I just use Yahoo! mail for my eBay account, and I don't know a lot about sender verification or how to tell if an otherwise 100% apparently legit message is phished or spoofed. I'd rather have a more foolproof verification method than relying on my mad copyediting skillz.

EDIT: I've read all of the eBay content on spoofing. I'm curious whether there is a way to tell, via Yahoo! mail, whether a sender address or included links are forged.
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