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K so, last night The Hang and I went to clarklewis for dinner with some friends. This is the first time any of us had been there, so I really had no preconceived notions except for unsubstantiated rumors that it's hip, trendy, loud, and delish. Turns out all are true.

The Hang and I each ordered the chef's choice, and the cook was gracious enough to modify the courses to accommodate a starch-free diet, so that was pretty neat. He brought us each a little mango-avocado appetizer, but then differed our courses so we could share each one. Bottom line, we got a TON of incredible food. Our friends just ordered off the regular menu and were a little jealous of our variety, but there was plenty to share around. Great food, fantastic service too.

After dinner we took a trip over to Pix, for coffee, dessert, and (for me) a cheese plate. Yum! :)

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This morning, I retrieved a package from the apartment office that I'd ordered as a little gift for The Hang - a bunch of cards from sugarlily. She loved them! I'm normally terrible at picking out presents, but I saw this site (run by a fellow LJ'er and Portlander) and knew she'd dig the style. I ordered a couple of the boxed sets to get a variety of them.

Everything about it was neat - right down to the packaging. Thanks so much Brenna!

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Today: gonna start packing up, I think. This afternoon = hanging out by the pool, maybe a little BBQ later. I love summer evenings.

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High score on QIX so far = 65,000 and change. Anyone? Anyone?

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