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The latest news on tha hizzy ...

We're set to close this Friday, August 5. The ultimate goof was that my realtor had forgotten to amend the purchase agreement to raise the selling price by the amount I'm asking the sellers to front for closing costs. All fixed now, but it requires a bunch of scrambling around, including getting the house reappraised at the higher price. But I hope it didn't piss off the sellers too much.

Talking about it this morning to my loan officer, I said that pushing back the closing inadvertently helps me out because it means it would reduce my first mortgage payment for August.

"Oh, no," she laughs. "Your first mortgage payment isn't until October."

Me: "!!!"

I had assumed all along that I'd have to start making payments right away, which was why I was so bent that the sellers were scooting out early rather than renting the place from me for a few weeks. Now, I see that shouldn't have been a concern at all, really.

Sure, I'll have to pay interest from the span of time between taking possession and first payment, but this is good, very good.

wOOt. Thanks again, universe!
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