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4 days without internet access! OMG THE H0RR0RZ!

And yet, I resist calling up Comcast to set up a connection at home. Maybe I'll stick to 'netting at work only. It's PHENOMENAL what I get done with no internets at home. ;)

The Hang and I visited Rejuvenation on Sunday. Jee-zus, it's my new favorite place. I could spend as much as I paid for the house, improving it. They carry Stickley stuff, including this thing of beauty.

/homer drool

In other news, Katrina dumped a ton of rain in Portland on Monday. On a related note, my new roof works. So yay.

In other other news, when you microwave brussels sprouts, they will pop.

OK, so since you guys are a fairly prolific bunch, 4 days = approximately 2,794 LJ entries. Care to summarize anything I missed?
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