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feels like a monday

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Taking a cue from fullerton, boy_asunder, and jwo's offer of housing for a Katrina survivor, I posted my own this morning on NO craigslist and hurricanhousing.org. I'm not sure if I'll get any replies, but I thought it might help.

Oddly, although craigslist has modified their setup for easy access to Katrina relief postings, I'm still forbidden from cross-posting my ad to other cities. I'll try later on today.

= = =

Nice long weekend, but I don't feel as if I relaxed at all. The Hang took my car on a road trip to eastern WA to visit her folks, and I stuck around town to do house stuff. Among approximately 900 trips to Home Despot, Sears, Target, etc. etc. etc., I managed to actually accomplish a few projects and host some guests ... one of my sisters and her family showed up on Saturday for a tour and visit, and X and his girlfriend came by last night to say hi. The Hang had returned, and joined us for pizza at Vincente's after finding both Noho's and Clinton Corner Cafe closed for the holiday.

= = =

Can't get my mind off the house. I'm far too excited about possibilities, getting stuff I need for it, and generally doing a bunch of projects. I picked up a ton of paint samples over the weekend, for example. I'll probably call a few contractors, electricians, and plumbers for some estimates for remodeling the basement. I'm actually hoping the quotes they give me are laughably high so I'll quit obsessing about it.

Or maybe I'm just reluctant to get my mind back onto work. :)

= = =

In the TMI department, I had a weird reaction to something this weekend. The area right underneath and to the left of my left eye swelled up and got red ... it was odd because it didn't itch at all, so I didn't actually notice it until I happened to glance in the mirror. I think it was a reaction to a pack of M&M's I munched down on Saturday, which was probably the first time I'd actually had some kind of chocolate candy in a few months. I used to get headaches ... this was the first time I'd seen any kind of skin irritation.

= = =

I've been riding my bike to work for the past two weeks. It's so fun!

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