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busy ... birds ... bins

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Busy morning at the office ... first a fire alarm evacuated the building, and now the local drive (with all of the client files on it) seems to be down -- so no one can WORK! And I was actually being productive this morning! Damn the luck.

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The Hang and I attended a late summer BBQ at a friend's house who lives across the street from the Chapman school, so after dinner we watched about 15,000 swifts circle and roost in the school chimney. This is a stop on their annual migratory path, and for the past three years I've gone to see them. It's actually pretty incredible. I posted a more thorough description of it this morning in DP.

= = =

We also went thrift store shopping this weekend, hitting just about every Goodwill store we could find. I picked up a host of garden tools and housewares, and The Hang found a bunch of clothes (plus a shirt for me).

Then we went to the bins.

I've never been before. The one in Hillsboro is a huge warehouse structure with a bunch of huge, shallow bins arranged in rows and roughly categorized by their contents. Apparently whatever you find there is sold by the pound. I don't know if the stuff there are items that don't sell in the regular Goodwill stores or what, but it was an unsettling experience.

You walk into this huge space, and there's noise ... not of all of the humans in there, talking to each other, but rather the noise of tons of junk being sorted through. And these people meant business. They were completely unemotional, and completely focused. It was just odd. We walked over to the far corner where they had outdoorsy type things and furniture, as we didn't actually hit the bins themselves, so we didn't join in the main ... carnage.

I feel snobbish about my reaction, but I'm not sure why. Throughout the entire visit, I was reminded of birds of prey picking over corpses on a battlefield. Bizarre.

= = =

Oops, the server's back up. To work I go!

= = =

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