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i love the way ... you put me in the big house

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Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort? I might actually go see this one!

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It's been a couple of weeks since I heard from Eileen, the Katrina evacuee I was perhaps going to host. The Red Cross arranged a two-week stay at a local hotel for her and a bunch of fellow NO-ites who made it up to Vancouver, and we were going to touch base to see if she was still in need of a place to stay after that.

So I e-mailed her the other day, and she's since inundated me with e-mails and voicemails. I think the woman might actually be insane, based on the sheer number and frequency of the incredibly long and detailed messages she's been sending me. Also, she kept referring to "my company," which I've actually never mentioned, so I don't know if she's confusing me with someone else. In any event, things are apparently going well for her; she's actually found a great place to stay on a semi-permanent basis in Vancouver.

I'm going to put the listing back up.

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This cracked me up (warning: explicit language).

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My first rainy bike commute was this morning. Didn't get completely drenched, but didn't stay dry either: I'll have soggy socks to put on for my ride home later.

What's ironic (or is it just stupid luck? I'm always confused) is that last night I was sitting on my porch, sippin on my gin & juice (with my mind on my money and my money on my mind) thinking, "I should go over to REI and look at rain gear and equipment for my bike," and then decided, "Nah."

= = =

Tonight: dinner with The Hang and some friends of hers, followed by drinks and a comedy show with some cow orkers.

This weekend: my pledge is to actually UNPACK at least half the boxes that are still sitting in my house.

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