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She seldom apologizes, and the rare ones she offers are usually encumbered by a qualification or clarification.

Similarly, she does not compliment often, but instead uses the device to offer criticism. It may simply be that it doesn't occur to her to ever comment on something she finds admirable about someone else, even as a social pleasantry. Concordantly, she accepts compliments awkwardly, usually by continuing the conversation as if nothing extraordinary had just occurred.

You cannot tell her anything she doesn't already know, or so it seems. She does not allow herself to outwardly admit that she has learned something from, or is impressed by, a peer or colleague; she worries that such an indication would be perceived as weakness or inferiority. As such, she only professes to gain knowledge from, or display admiration for, an individual either universally accepted as great thinker, or on the cusp of cultural obscurity.

She exhibits similar tendencies with respect to artifacts and natural phenomena.

This is usually prompted by her hunger for external recognition and/or validaton of her own sense of profoundness.

Moreover, she rarely laughs at jokes, but considers her own sense of humor to be hilarious and quite sophisticated. She may tease others, but won't suffer any ridicule at her expense, no matter how innocent.

She rarely retracts statements, only modifies them. In this manner she can never be proven wrong.

She would rather align herself with others who share her opinions, rather than seek out those who would challenge them.

All of her actions are justified, including instinctive ones, even if only by a spur-of-the-moment excuse. If she doesn't initially believe the reason she offers, gradually she accepts it and it becomes truth. She never believes that she is telling a lie.

She is not wise; her reluctance to admit that she is ignorant of many things inhibits the development of her self-awareness. However, when the usual circumstances of life chance to afford her a pearl of wisdom, her belief that she is the only one to possess it is genuine. However, her immediate impulse to share her gained knowledge with others is driven not by a sense of altruism but by a desire for recognition, acceptance, and reverence. Her suggestions, however, are usually phrased in the imperative.

She thinks that no one understands her challenges. Her friends find it difficult to express sympathy to her. She believes her situation is unique.

She takes much for granted.

It is rare for her to express gratitude.

She is completely in love with her creations, and assumes others are.

She has no internal monologue; she considers most of her thoughts worthy of public exhibition and explanation. Even her private writings convey a sense of communication with an audience; she writes to them, not to herself.

She will not hesitate to reveal a secret if doing so promises even a remote possibility of notoriety.

She will admit a fault usually only if someone else convinces her that she possesses it, or if she perceives that such an admission will somehow bestow upon her a sense of nobility. Thus, she uses such an admission as a justification to act inappropriately, as if the magnitude of the accomplishment exonerates her from her actions. Accordingly, when she finds herself at the center of a conflict, she does not hesitate to assign blame elsewhere.

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