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1 - So I picked her up at the airport last night. Yesterday, incidentally, was six months of Hang time. :)

She brought me a new shirt! It's RED!

2 - LION KING tonight! I'm taking 6 of my nieces to it. My folks are joining as well, and two of my sisters and their SOs.

And The Hang, of course.

AND, her parents too, actually. They're in town for the weekend after camping up the Oregon coast. We're going out to dinner with them beforehand, and probably doing dessert with the whole fan damily afterwards.

3 - The Hang's folks are retired college profs (I think her mom is a geneticist and her dad's a botanist), and spend quite a bit of time on jaunts around the world looking at nature stuff. We're going to take them over to the Chapman School tomorrow eve to see the Vaux's swifts roost in the chimney, cuz that's how we roll PDX style, beeyotch.

4 - Left my power-outaged house this morning a little late, in just a drizzle, but it DUMPED on me on the way in. Bought fenders for my bike, but haven't installed them yet. Result = soggy, exhilarated Tim. WOO!

5 - It is FRIDAY. It is also PAYDAY. Double super happy goodness!
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