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The babbling guy on the sidewalk (two floors down) has what appears to be a voodoo doll tied to the back of his baseball cap. Maybe he's under its control, I'm not sure.

The optimist in me always thinks of how liberating that kind of freedom would be: to completely abandon all societal expectations of public behavior and just walk the streets randomly, yelling at inanimate objects.

But then again, I'm sane (I think), so I see his behavior as enviable, an escape.

So I'm sobered by the realization that a constant state of utter confusion probably clouds this guy's head. I wonder what his childhood was like, and if he was happy and normal until some terrible event eradicated his ability to cope. I wonder if he feels liberated or imprisoned, as a result of it.


Whoa, that thought turned deep. The usual tongue-in-cheek witticisms and bad puns will return shortly!

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