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again demonstrating my weird sense of humor ...

* kr1st1n3 has joined #operahouse
[kr1st1n3] OMG RAOUL scary guy liek took me 2 his lair!!!1!1!
[h0t_n0bl3] LOL christn, u r such a laf!!1! there iz n0 fantom!!1!
[k1rst1n3] STFU bitch!!1! he iz teh angle of musik and he watns 2 kick ur ass
* Phantom has joined #operahouse
[h0t_n0bl3] OMG SCARY GUY WITH A MASK!!1!
[kr1st1n3] told u
[Phantom] I see you have no channel ops to kickban me. You will rue the day you
 left #undergroundlake, Christine!
* h0t_n0bl3 slaps Phantom with a trout.
[Phantom] ...wait, what?
[h0t_n0bl3] LOL i pwnzed u!!1!
[Phantom] 'pwnzed' me? Is 'pwnzed' even a word?
[kr1st1n3] i feel strangely attracted 2 fantom. maybe b-cuz he can spell
[h0t_n0bl3] no! let's cyber
[kr1st1ne] LOLOLOLOL!!!1!
[Phantom] ...the fuck?
[h0t_n0bl3] asl?
[Phantom] You know, I've changed my mind. You two deserve each other.
* Phantom has left #operahouse
[h0t_n0bl3] n00b

[as if context would really help, this is a meta-meta by seattlesparks, here.]

Entirely by coincidence, I'm working on a project based on the Naruto anime/manga, and someone yesterday pointed me to this.
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