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OK, among other things, I am thankful for my LJ friends ... yesterday's poll was meant as a total joke, so I was pretty surprised that the the "sly and sexy man" option garnered almost 40% of the votes (at this writing)! Shucks, you guys!

= = =

The plan for the weekend ...

- Today: leave work @ 3, wOOt! But I'll probably wander around downtown and get some gift ideas before heading home. The Hang's folks get into town later this afternoon, but I'll be studying at home tonight.

- Thursday: morning studying. Afternoon, heading over to join them for dinner ... I'm going to try to make this garlicky spinach pine-nut dish that has a history of catching part of the kitchen on fire. I like it because it's guaranteed to either be tasty or quite entertaining to watch.

- Friday: studying, probably visiting with The Hang and her folks at my place in the evening.

- Saturday: morning studying, then heading down to Salem solo to have a post-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving with my family, the whole shebang all over again, food, dessert, games, nieces, etc.

- Sunday: studying, then chillaxin with The Hang after her folks depart in the afternoon.

= = =

Happy Thanksgiving, all. :)

= = =

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