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guy's night out

Took Dad to the Blazer game last night, one of his Christmas presents from me. He drove up from Salem, we went for pho then hopped on the 4 and bussed down to the Rose Garden, and MAX'ed back afterwards.

I don't know which is funnier - me thinking he has a small-town perspective or me thinking I have a big-town perspective. :) For example, I don't think he'd ever tried pho before (he asked me if it was "new"), and told me it had been probably 20 years since he'd taken a public bus anywhere. Dad cracks me up.

The game was great. We played the Sixers last night and won, 95-91, against the Blazers' ex-coach and a strong team led by Iverson. It was an exciting game, Z-Bo racked up 28 points overall, but it was anyone's guess up to the last 5 minutes who'd win, especially in light of the 20-something point spanking we got from the Sixers last month. I haven't followed NBA ball since the early 90s days of Drexler and Porter et al., but this team looks like it might shape up and get its fanbase back again. I'm definitely going to go to a few more games this season.

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