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LJ'ers I've met ...

I like keeping track of the LJ people I meet. This list is updated when I meet new folks.

This list includes the real names of some LJ users.
Some people prefer not to have their real names known, so hopefully I asked your permission to do this.
If I didn't, and/or you prefer that I not list your real name, just let me know.

since becoming a member ... before the days of LJ ...
  • 2002:
    • Los Angeles:
      • boy_asunder (Ryan) (fellow then-future patent attorney), and
      • writesthings (Jesse) (genius, writer, and former condo mate).
    • Portland: camden55 (Robin), while I was a summer clerk.

  • 1998, Reno: liltatiana (Di), fellow Reppie.

  • 1996, Reno: tyreseus (Jere), fellow Reppie.

  • 1989, Salem: ghost_light, Stage Manager of my first college play.

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