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blue dog blog™

putting the "antic" in "pedantic"


Hello. My name is Tim. I am a patent attorney in Portland.

I used to teach undergrads how to synthesize barbiturates, until I went to law school at UCLA. Then I moved to Oregon.

about the blog

This is my personal journal. Most entries are public; some aren't.

I talk about the usual stuff, post some pics and things I think are funny, yadda yadda. Sometimes I talk about legal issues and developments.

You are welcome to read and/or comment in this journal.
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Some quick LJ links, for my reference or yours:
a list of LJ users I've met
tag list for posts

about the dog

Contact me at littlebluedog [at] gmail [dot] com, or on AIM as petitbleuchien.

On LJ, I maintain or co-maintain the following coms:

damnportlanders, an open forum for discussion of Portland-type stuff.
patentgeeks, a moderated forum for discussion of intellectual property issues.

I get around. Here I am elsewhere on the Internets:

And here's my detailed contact info (this is one of those non-public entries I mentioned earlier, ha!).

teh funneh

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